Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do results take?

We aim to get results to our client within 14-20 days from when we receive the samples.

What age can you test from?

We can test from any age as long as you can provide hair strands of 0.5 inch or longer and nail clippings.

Will I have to pay for any treatment or medication?

No, with 80% of health issues developing from the gut, tablets and
creams are not needed. Nine times of 10 we will recommend supplements if your body is lacking in minerals/vitamins/nutrients. We can give recommendations as to where to buy these from, or you can normally buy them from your local supermarket.

How and where do we send samples to?

Hair strands need to dry and placed separate from the nail clippings in individual sealed labelled bags (small sandwich bag or similar) and posted to - Nutrition In Health, C/O Vero limited, Greenway lane, Warsash, Hampshire, SO317AN. Once you have purchased the relevant program, an email will also be sent with instructions as to what to do.

What if my hair is dyed or shaved?

We can still test on dyed hair. We can test any hair except pubic hair.

Do you provide any after care support?

We provide after care
support for 6 months after you receive your results. We will be
available on email or we can book in a call. We also book in an 8 week
review to asses your progress and see if we can assist you further. This
is included in the cost and no additional payment is required.